Monsterhearts- Harbourtown

Season 01: Episode 01 Pt1

We begin the adventures of our heroes protagonists? monsters teenagers on the first day of their junior year at Harbortown High. Marigold is driven to school and arrives on time. Dylan arrives late to pick up Guen, which causes Guen and her horde of mind controlled followers to miss out on their Starbucks. Cage arrives about fifteen minutes late, on purpose and very loudly on his motorcycle.

Our probably-definitely-not-heroes have their first class together at third period, in physics class. Guen sits with Dylan and KVIIItlyn in one class assignment triad. Cage sits with Billy and Punky. Marigold sits with Simone and (someone else – look, I only took so many notes). During class, Jasmine tries to flirt with Cage, Simone tries to win over Marigold to the drama club, Cage decides to form a band with Billy, and Guen schemes (I don’t actually remember what Guen did, but I suspect it was scheming based solely on probability).

At lunch, Guen finally gets her Starbucks (but no treats for Dylan, who has to wait in the car!). Cage goes out to smoke with Billy to discuss forming the band, then tries to get Marigold to smoke with them. Jasmine shows up, gets invited to the band, and then tries to recruit Marigold into the band. Cage, who was pretty into chilling with Billy and Marigold who made very few demands for his attention, is less pleased with Jasmine.

Simone somehow gets Marigold dragged into planning the school dance, on a committee headed by Erin Bradshaw. Guen is angry she has not been invited to the committee and makes plans to crash the meeting with Marigold and Erin after school. As the meeting begins, Guen brings her clique to the cafeteria and Jasmine brings Cage and Billy to witness the fight.

Guen enters and immediately deploys tactical tears at Erin, securing a place on the dance committee. Cage sends Billy over to offer to help with lettering signs, in an attempt to give the distraction Marigold needs to escape. Guen is angered by someone rocking up to her show and interrupting, but Billy manages to shut her down. Marigold escapes to the door that Cage waves at, and shortly after Cage and Billy head out of the cafeteria.

Outside, Marigold has spotted someone watching her, and is apprehensive. Cage catches the figure for a few seconds, and offers Marigold a ride home. One the way, an invisible force nearly wrecks Cage’s bike in an alley. Cage tells Marigold that there was an engine problem, and they reach Marigold’s house without further incident. Marigold’s uncle is at her house and comes out to meet Cage, then gives him a business card.

Everyone settles down for the night. Cage grabs a beer, Guen color coordinates the outfits for the next day and plots to destroy Billy or whatever the Hell Guen does to unwind, and Marigold settles down to sleep. Cue camera panning to imps lying in wait to attack Marigold and roll credits on the first half of the pilot.

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